Democratic Candidates for NYS Supreme Court

Diversity as We Pursue Justice

Justice in our society is on everyone's minds these days. From our country's highest court undergoing monumental change to our local legislatures considering what it means to properly protect victims while preserving offenders' dignity, there's no question that our judicial system is a topic of conversation for so many.

The pride of Queens is in the diversity of our County and our neighborhoods. While Republicans have shown their priority to be stacking the deck in favor of their own agenda, we Democrats strive for justice at every level. This past summer, the Queens Democrats came together to nominate a slate of judges for the 11th District of New York State's Supreme Court. 

As history talks about the Civil Rights Movement, so too will they talk about today — what we have done to ensure Black lives matter and that immigrants have the right to pursue a better life in America. The camera of history is rolling and the viewers of the future will analyze what we did today to stand for liberty and justice for all.

This November, make sure to vote for the Democratic nominess for New York's Supreme Court. They are:

  • Tracy A. Catapano-Fox
  • Mojgan Cohanim Lancman
  • Lance P. Evans
  • Karina E. Alomar
  • Michelle A. Johnson
  • Darrell L. Gavrin
  • Evelyn L. Braun
  • Kevin J. Kerrigan
  • Leonard Livote

Read more on Chairman Gregory W. Meeks' take on what it means to have such a diverse slate of judges representing justice in Queens.