November Update

November Update

The 2017 election cycle in New York City is now over, but here are three ways to stay active this winter.

1. Doug Jones - Alabama Special Election
Doug Jones is the Democrat running against Roy Moore in Alabama’s special election to replace Jeff Sessions. We’ve all been watching the news coming out of Alabama, and we all have our fingers crossed that Doug Jones brings us one more vote in the U.S. Senate on December 12th (the date of the special election). Jones is a former U.S. Attorney - if you haven’t already seen this video about one of his civil rights cases against the KKK, check it out. The campaign has asked that people from outside the state refrain from making phone calls but there are still other ways to help out. Visit the campaign website for more information.

2. Join Your Democratic Club
Now is the perfect time to join your local democratic club. It’s the holiday party season, so take a look at some of the upcoming events at or on Facebook at and meet your fellow neighborhood Democrats. If you’re not sure where your local club is, check out our map here.

3. Sign Up for Updates
Take a few minutes to subscribe to our email list at and sign up to volunteer for the next election cycle at

Happy Thanksgiving!