Post-Primary Statement by Chm. Meeks

Post-Primary Statement by Chm. Meeks

Statement by Chm. Meeks

 This past week we’ve seen warming weather and our city’s continued reopening coincide with the Democratic Primary.

The difficulties we have all experienced the last few months have demonstrated the persistent need of working together. From mutual aid societies acting quickly to bring relief to neighbors during the height of a pandemic to neighborhood rallies for justice organized in every corner, this spring we have seen the power of collective effort even when disagreements might exist.

Over 100,000 Democrats march to their physical poll site. Thousands more Democrats are expected to have voted by mail. There has been an unrivaled interest in races from President to County Committee by Democrats all over Queens. Democrats have come together, united to get other others to go out and vote. 

As Democrats, we are the party of inclusion. We don’t just respect but rather promote as our strength the diversity in our individual perspectives, backgrounds, and identities. We are the party best positioned to move this country forward not through our blind allegiance but in our commitment to work together.

The following few weeks will seem long as we all eagerly anticipate to hear the news of who will be certified the winners of any number of races. 

As the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Organization of Queens County, I am inspired by the current state of our party and the future we can realize together. I am fired up by the warmth, not just of summer, but of the energy in our communities. From Astoria to Far Rockaway, from Bayside to Broad Channel, I see nothing but brighter days for Queens and those getting involved in our party.

Now is the time to come together, set our sights a little further south, and make sure we do everything possible to evict the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in November. The next few months will prove that there is strength in community and that in Queens there is a shining beacon of democracy and a better world.


Very truly yours,

Gregory W. Meeks

Chairman, Executive Committee

Demmocratic Organization of Queens County