Queens Dems Voter Guide

Voter Guide for June 28 Democratic Primary

With early voting beginning tomorrow for the 2022 Democratic Primary, we've been talking to many of you about what to expect on the ballot. We're hearing time and time again that the people want to vote for good, true-blue, progressive Democrats.

That is why the Democratic Organization of Queens has come together to support a fantastic set of candidates in this year's primaries that reflect our communities and are ready to fight for residents, families, small buissenesses, workers, and everyone that believes in making the world a better place and calls Queens their home.

This slate represents Queens better than any other combination out there. What you'll find below is a set of candidates that represent the most committed activists, experienced community leaders, and dedicated organizers our community has ever seen. From every corner of Queens, we have brought together candidates of the many backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and uprbinging to help make the world a better place.

We're proud to stand by these candidates and work together here in Queens to fight for progress. Join us in supporthing these candidates on June 28!

New York State Governor

Kathy Hochul

As Governor, Kathy has taken decisive action to deliver immediate relief to working and middle class families and small businesses, beat back the pandemic, and accelerate New York’s economic recovery. In addition, she has reaffirmed New York’s position as a national leader in defending reproductive rights and in combating climate change. 

Governor Hochul has also introduced a bold agenda to promote greater equity and expand opportunity for every New Yorker — from making New York more affordable to helping small businesses keep their doors open, strengthening public safety, and leading the fight for justice, dignity, and equality for all.

Read more here, on Kathy Hochul's website.


New York State Lieutenant Governor

Antonio Delgado

Born and raised in Schenectady, Antonio is a native New Yorker. His parents worked hard for General Electric, benefited from a thriving economy, and were able to pursue the American Dream of building a better future for Antonio and his younger brother. Antonio attended Colgate University, in Hamilton, New York, where he graduated with high honors and earned a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford. From there, he went to law school at Harvard, which is where he met his wife Lacey, a native of Ulster County.

Read more here, on Antonio Delgado's website.


Judge of the Civil Court Judge

This year is a bit different than most when voting for Judge of the Civil Court. You'll see four (4) options and will be to vote for any two (2).
The two candidates below were the only candidate to be deemed "Qualified" by the New York City Bar Association, and independent review board.

Karen Lin

Karen Lin, a dedicated public servant and longtime Queens resident, is a candidate for Judge of the Civil Court in Queens. A seasoned attorney and former Judge, Karen is unwavering in her commitment to equal justice under the law for all. As a first generation immigrant, working mom, and daughter of aging parents, Karen will serve the diverse and resilient communities of Queens with fairness, integrity, and excellence.

Karen presided over disputes between landlords and tenants in one of the busiest courts in the nation. She worked to ensure that each person who appeared before her was treated with dignity and courtesy, provided the opportunity to seek counsel, and afforded a meaningful opportunity to be heard. Karen was unanimously Approved for election as Judge of the Civil Court by the New York City Bar Association, found to be Qualified for election by the Queens County Bar Association, and found to be Highly Qualified by the LGBT Bar Association of New York. 

Read more here, on Karen Lin's website.

Thomas Medardo Oliva

Thomas Medardo Oliva is one of the most recognized and awarded attorneys to run for Civil Judge in Queens in years. A practicing lawyer for over 30 years, Tom’s peers have consistently recognized him for his integrity, legal skills, and service to the residents of New York City and State. He has been named a NY Super Lawyer every year since 2014 – an honor given to only five percent of lawyers in the state – has won the "Latin Impact" award in 2021 and sits on the Board of Editors for the prestigious NY Law Journal. 

 Tom grew up in Flushing, Queens under the love and guidance of his Cuban and Puerto Rican parents. He and his wife of forty years, Paula, raised their family in Queens too, and they currently enjoy life together in Little Neck. He has spent his life working with and for the people of Queens County. His first jobs were in Flushing, working at a local pizzeria and corner luncheonette, and helping his dad in the building where he was a super. As a high school student in Astoria, he started his ownpainting company. Today, he is President of the Latino Lawyers Association of Queens County, which he has been a member of for over a decade. 

Don't just take our word for it. Look at the endorsements he's racked up so far!

 Read more here, on Thomas Medardo Oliva's website.


Elections by Assembly District 

We have several different Assembly Districts in Queens and many of them come with their own set of candidates.
Find the list of Queens Dems-endorsed candidates for your Assembly District below, and have confidence when going into the polls. If you're not sure which district you are in, you can check online at the BOE website here. 

New York State Assembly

David Weprin for Assembly District 24

Andrew Hevesi for Assembly District 28 

Alicia Hyndman for Assembly District 29

Steven Raga for Assembly District 30

Vivian Cook for Assembly District 32

Clyde Vanel for Assembly District 33 


Jeffrion Aubry for Assembly District 35 

Johanna Carmona for Assembly District 37

Ron Kim for Assembly District 40

District Leaders


Endorsed Candidate

24A - Male David Weprin
24A - Female  Martha Taylor
24B - Male John Albert
24B - Female  Mazeda Uddin
29B - Male Jamal Wilkerson
29B - Female  Jacqueline Boyce
30B - Male Steven Raga
30B - Female  Melissa Sklarz
32B - Male Clifton Stanley Diaz
33A - Male I. Daneek Miller
34B - Male Andre Vargas
34B -  Female  Monica Valdes
35A - Male Ty Henry
 35A - Female Larinda Hooks
35B - Male Jose Morillo
35B - Female  Michelle Dunston
36B - Male Andre Stith
37A - Male Manuel G. Gomez

State Committee


Our candidate

24 - Male Kevin Andrew Nabie
24 - Female  Jamilla A. Uddin
28 - Male Edwin K. Wong
 28 - Female Ronnie Croce
29 - Male Aaron K. Ambrose
34 - Male Manuel F. Perez
 34 - Female Lucia Africano
35 - Male Derek A. Slaughter
35 - Female  Clara M. Salas
36 - Male Michael D. Thompson
 36 - Female Kimberly Mullarkey
37 - Male Gerard J. Marsicano
39 - Female Yanna M. Henriquez

Judicial Delegates


Our candidate

Del. to Judicial Convention - 24 AD Martha Taylor
  John P. Albert
  Ahnaf Alam
  Nusrat Alam
  Mohammed F. Uddin
  Jamie Kazi
  Mark S. Weprin
  Muhammad M. Rahman
  Akshar A. Patel
  Jonathan B. Taylor
Del. to Judicial Convention - 25 AD Tamara Osherov
  George E. Hadjiconstantinou
  Neeta Jain
  John Y. Park
  Bonnie H. Panzok-Davidson
  Ved V. Malhotra
  Sharon Lee
Del. to Judicial Convention - 27 AD Simon Pelman
  Daniel A. Rosnethal
  Facia Class
  Paula F. Berger
  Jeffrey M. Kohn
  Adinah C. Pelman
  Veronica T. Class
  Mary Maggio Fischer
Del. to Judicial Convention - 28 AD Karen Koslowitz
  Matthew M. Mandell
  Mark E. Morrill
  Sandra S. Mandell
  Elizabeth J. Newton
  Mary Ellen G. Courtney
  Catriona Schlosser
  Sheryl Ann Fetik
  Edwin K. Wong
  Steven F. Strauss
Del. to Judicial Convention - 33 AD Gregory W. Meeks
  I. Daneek Miller
  June Bunch
  Roslin Spigner
  Alma J. Cave
  Clyde Vanel
  Leroy Manuel
  Darcel P. Chapman
  Wanda R. Manley
  Leroy G. Comrie Jr.
  George A. Smith
  Michael L. Lambert
  Samuel Murray
  Darryl Smith
Del. to Judicial Convention - 34 AD Andres Y. Vargas
  Monica V. Valdes
  Manuel F. Perez
  Lucia V. Africano
  Edwin K. Woo
  Ellen Raffaele
  Michael G. DenDekker
  Dennis J. Nobia
  Matthew E. DiStefano
  Gary P. Gilbert
Del. to Judicial Convention - 35 AD Jeffrion L. Aubry
  Michelle Dunston
  Larinda C. Hooks
  Jose M. Morillo
  Lilli M. Pioche
  Debra P. Hargrove
  Lurline Grant
Del. to Judicial Convention - 36 AD Antonio Alfonso Jr.
  Carolyn Scarano
  Andre T. Stith
  Breeana C. Mulligan
  Michael D. Thompson
  Kimberly Mullarkey
  Theodore Kasapis
  Heather Ann Cortes
  Dirk McCall
  Lauren E. Lentine
  Michael Braun
  Eartha L. Washington
Del. to Judicial Convention - 37 AD John P. Smyth
  Marcella M. Kocolatos
  Charles Ober
  Paul A. Camilleri
  Meghan E. Cirrito
  Diane R. Ballek
  Melissa Orlando
  Ellen I. Young
  Edward C. Lettau
  Robert P. Miraglia
  Sharon Cadiz
Del. to Judicial Convention - 38 AD Frank A. Kotnik Jr.
  Jenifer Rajkumar
  Kenneth R. Rehberger
  Kamal U. Bhuiyan
  Mary Haeberle
  Sherry N. Algredo
  Michael G. Miller
  Zubaidah A. Chowdhury
Alt. to Judicial Convention - 28 AD Ronnie Croce
  Marsha Silverstein
  Myrna Jacobson
  Howard Pollack
  Sheridan Chu
  Martin I. Cohen
  Michael Cohen