Endorsed Candidates

Endorsed Candidates for June 23 Democratic Primary

With just a few weeks left until the 2020 Democratic Primary, it's as exciting as ever. This year has been an historically unique one considering everything that our country and our county has been through in just a few short months.

Now more than ever, Democrats all over Queens are excited to get to work to defeat the abhorrent actions and divisive rhetoric that has been coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. over the last few years. That is why the Democratic Organization of Queens has come together to support a fantastic set of candidates in this year's primaries.

This slate represents what Queens represents-- diversity. What you'll find below is a set of candidates that represent the most committed activists, experienced community leaders, and dedicated organizers our community has ever seen. From every corner of Queens, we have brought together candidates of the many backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and uprbinging to help make the world a better place.

We're proud to stand by these candidates and work together as One Queens to fight for progress. Join us in supporthing these candidates on June 23!

Queens Borough President

Donovan Richards

Donovan Richards is a lifelong Queens resident who has represented Southeast Queens in the City Council since 2013. Growing up he lived in Jamaica, St. Albans, Hollis, and Rosedale, with frequent visits to grandparents who lived in the Rockaways. He attended Jamaica High School and Redemption Christian Academy before studying communications, radio, and TV at Nyack College. He later received a degree in Aviation Management from Vaughn College.

Donovan got his start in politics after the tragic killing of a close friend inspired him to get more involved in his community and join the fight to end gun violence. He worked in numerous positions within the City Council where he connected with the community and developed a hands on approach to helping constituents. This knowledge has been crucial since being elected to the represent the district he grew up in.

Read more here, on Donovan's website.


Civil Court Judge, Countywide

Jessica Earle-Gargan

Jessica Earle-Gargan is running for Civil Court Judge to uphold the values of fairness and justice in Queens for every Queens resident. 

Jessica Earle-Gargan was born and raised in Queens to working-class parents. She attended Benjamin Cardozo High School and then Queens College, after which she worked full-time while attending St. John’s University School of Law at night. 

Jessica began her legal career as an Assistant District Attorney, prosecuting Domestic Violence crimes, bringing justice to abused spouses, partners and their families. She gained experience in handling emotionally charged cases involving children and their caretakers. Working with victims and their families, Jessica understands many of the unique and specific concerns of our diverse communities.

Read more here, on Jessica's website. 

Civil Court Judge, 6th Judicial District

Leigh Cheng

Congressional Representatives

Gregory W. Meeks for NY-05

Grace Meng for NY-06

Carolyn Maloney for NY-12


New York State Senate

John Liu for Senate District 11

Leroy Comrie for Senate District 12

Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. for Senate District 15

Toby Ann Stavisky for Senate District 16 

New York State Assembly

Stacey Pheffer Amato for Assembly District 23 

David Weprin for Assembly District 24

Nily Rozic for Assembly District 25

Edward Braunstein for Assembly District 26 

Daniel Rosenthal for Assembly District 27

Andrew Hevesi for Assembly District 28 

Alicia Hyndman for Assembly District 29

Richard David for Assembly District 31 

Vivian Cook for Assembly District 32

Clyde Vanel for Assembly District 33 

Michael DenDekker for Assembly District 34 

Jeffrion Aubry for Assembly District 35 

Catherine Nolan for Assembly District 37

Michael Miller for Assembly District 38

District Leaders


Endorsed Candidate

23A Frank Gulluscio
  Stacey Pheffer
23B Lew Simon
  Jeanette Garramone
24A David Weprin
  Martha Taylor
24B John Albert
  Susan Seinfeld
25A Rory Lancman
  Tammy Osherov
25B Peter Tu
  Neeta Jain
26A David Fischer
  Carol Gresser
26B Edward Braunstein
  Marian Schwartz
27A Simon Pelman
  Facia Class
27B Morton Povman
  Sandra Povman
28A Michael Cohen
  Karen Koslowitz
28B Matthew Mandell
  Sarah Payne
29A Archie Spigner
  Leslie Spigner
29B Elmer Blackburne
  Jacqueline Boyce
30A Connor Martinez
  Denise Keehan
30B Peter O'Donnell
  Melissa Sklarz
31A Bob Simmons
  Valerie West
31B Richard David
  Fay Hill
32A Patrick Jenkins
  Yvonne Reddick
32B Anthony Andrews
  Vivian Cook
33A Daneek Miller
  Roslin Spigner
33B Gregory Meeks
  June Bunch
34A Manny Perez
  Lucia Africano
34B Andre Vargas
  Monica Valdes
35A Fleetwood Henry
  Larinda Hooks
35B James Fogle
  Barbara Jackson
36A Antonio Alfonso
  Breeana Mulligan
36B Felix DeVito
  Carolyn Scarano
37A Michael J. McGuire
  Deirdre Feerick
37B Ian Magerkurth
  Diane Ballek
38A Frank Kotnik Jr.
  Mary Haeberle
38B Stephen Forte
  Christine Stoll
39A Francisco Moya
  Yanna Henriquez
39B Mohammed Saleheen
  Aridia Espinal
40A John Liu
  Mary Ann Dorsa
40B Peter Koo
  Martha Flores-Vazquez

State Committee


Our candidate

23 Joseph P. Addabbo Jr.
  Mary J. Plunkett
24 Taj Rajkumar
  Jamilla A. Uddin
25 Shlomo Nisanov
  Bonnie H. Panzok-Davidson
26 Matthew R. Silverstein
  Debra Markell
27 Jeffrey Gottlieb
  Sandra Povman
28 Edwin K. Wong
  Ronnie Croce
29 Aaron K. Ambrose
  Dorita L. Clarke
30 Dennis L. Deahn
  Eileen B. Boland
31 William McDonald
  Betty A. Leon
32 Patrick B. Jenkins
  Jean Phelps
33 Leroy Manuel
  Carmine Couloute
34 Matthew E. DiStefano
  Ellen Raffaele
35 Derek A. Slaughter
  Clara M. Salas
36 Edward Babor
  Laura Jean Hawkins
37 Andre T. Stith
  Corinne K. Haynes Wood
38 Julio A. Batista
  Janet R. Forte
39 -
  Victoria S. Steinberg
40 Donald R. Henton
  Sandra Ung

Judicial Delegates


Our candidate

Del. to Judicial Convention - 24 AD John P. Albert
  Martha Taylor
  Susan L. Seinfeld
  David I. Weprin
  Mark S. Weprin
  Ari Gershman
  Akshar A. Patel
  Muhammad M. Rahman
  Casey R. Lajszky
  Jonathan B. Taylor
Del. to Judicial Convention - 28 AD Andrew D. Hevesi
  Mary Ellen G. Courtney
  Sheridan C. Chu
  Lynn Schulman
  Brent G. Weitzberg
  Marsha J. Silverstein
  Howard Pollack
  Amanda L. Menichini
  Myrna C. Jacobson
  Sheryl Ann Fetik
Del. to Judicial Convention - 29 AD Elmer H. Blackburne
  Archie Spigner
  Jacqueline G. Boyce
  Leslie Spigner
  Johnnie B. Newsome
  Melvin W. McDonald
  Aaron K. Ambrose
  Renee N. Bluford
  Barbara A. Deyounge-Ezell
  Rene Hill
  Donna M. Sowerby
  Michael L. Scotland
  Marlon Y. Kornegay
  Bernard T. Harrigan
  Violet Samuels
Del. to Judicial Convention - 30 AD Denise M. Keehan
  Connor I. Martinez
  Eileen B. Boland
  Peter P. ODonnell
  Dennis L. Deahn
  Melissa Sklarz
  Ana M. Martinez
  Annie J Cotton
  Eileen Crowley
Del. to Judicial Convention - 32 AD Vivian E. Cook
  Yvonne Reddick
  Anthony D. Andrews Jr.
  Patrick B. Jenkins
  Jean D. Randolph-Castro
  Glenn A. Greenidge
  Jean Phelps
  Susan Y. Reddick
  Clifton Stanley Diaz
  Dawn C. Cotter-Jenkins
  Joyce A. Denny
  Millicent E. McRae
  Billy C. Mitchell
Del. to Judicial Convention - 33 AD Gregory W. Meeks
  Roslin Spigner
  June Bunch
  I. Daneek Miller
  Alma J. Cave
  Darcel P. Chapman
  Leroy Manuel
  Pamela F. Moore
  Wanda R. Manley
  Diane Lake
  George A. Smith
  Leroy G. Comrie Jr.
  Samuel Murray
  Michael Lambert
Del. to Judicial Convention - 34 AD Andres Y. Vargas
  Manuel F. Perez
  Michael G. DenDekker
  Matthew E. DiStefano
  Monica V. Valdes
  Gary P. Gilbert
  Ellen Raffaele
  Lucia V. Africano
Del. to Judicial Convention - 35 AD Barbara J. Jackson
  Jeffrion L. Aubry
  Fleetwood Tyrone Henry
  Larinda C. Hooks
  George R. Dixon
  Veta I. Brome
  Priscilla Carrow
  Clara M. Salas
Del. to Judicial Convention - 36 AD Carolyn Scarano
  Antonio Alfonso Jr.
  Felix J. DeVito
  Breeana C. Mulligan
  Kimberly Mullarkey
  Laura Jean Hawkins
  Eartha I. Washington
  Nicole V. Migliore
  Mary DeMakos
  Anne Marie Anzalone
  Theodore Kasapis
  Rodney A. Townsend
Del. to Judicial Convention - 37 AD Ian W. Magerkurth
  Caitlin A. Kidder
  Diane C. O'Neill
  Stacey H. Lorentz
  Diane R. Ballek
  Laura Hickey
  Paul J. Camilleri
  Michael J. McGuire
  Meghan E. Cirrito
  Deirdre A. Feerick
  Sharon Cadiz
  John P. Smyth
Del. to Judicial Convention - 39 AD Edgar I. Moya
  Amparito B. Rosero
  Jessica Eljaiek
  Aridia Espinal
  Yanna M. Henriquez
  Evelyn Peralta
  Francisco P. Moya
Del. to Judicial Convention - 40 AD Mary Ann Dorsa
  Peter A. Koo
  Laura Riley
  Martha Flores-Vazquez
  Charles Apelian
  Vernestine S. Sanders Pascal